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Genai Kerr Water Polo Dry Land Training

Get ripped like Genai, improve balance in the water, and prevent injuries!!! 


Feet shoulder width apart

Weight on your heels

Hips as low to the ground as possible

Start as a stretch then light bouncing for strength

Raise your hips to 90 degrees and then back down

Sumo Skiers

Same as skiers but place your feet as wide as comfortably possible


Feet together facing forward

Big step forward with right leg

Bend your left knee toward the floor

Don’t allow your right knee go in front of your toes

Push off your right heel to drive your legs back to the starting position

Keep your left foot facing forward

Step out with your right leg at a 30 degree angle or

1 o’clock

Repeat each lunge every 30 degrees or hour on the clock until 6 o’clock

Return back to the front and then switch legs

Jump Lunges

Start in a full lung position with your right leg in front and your left leg behind

Jump in the air and switch legs positions

Lateral Jumps

Start in a one legged squat on your right leg

Jump as far as you can to your left and land on your

left leg

Continue to back and forth from left to right

One legged squats

Balance on your left leg

Bend you knee as much as possible

Reach your right hand out and touch as far forward as   you can

Stand back up on your leg

Repeat and touch left your left hand at 30 degrees or 1 o’clock

Work you way around to 6 o’clock and back up to 12

Switch legs work the other side around

Fire hydrant

Balance on your palms and left knee

Raise your right knee out the side as high as possible

Kick your heel straight back

Repeat 20 times and switch sides


Feet shoulder width apart

Bend your knees and explode up

Bring your knees to your chest while in the air


Straight Leg Crunches

Legs straight out 6 inches off the ground

Toes turned out

Left your shoulders off the ground 6 - 10 inches

Control on the way up and on the way down


Sit up with you arms out front for balance on your butt

Bend your knees to your chest then out wide and

together straight

Russian Twists

Legs straight out off the ground

Rotate your upper body and touch the ground with

your opposite hand

Full Extension Hip Raises

Place your hands under your lower back for comfort

Raise your legs off the ground 6”

Swing your feet apart a far as you can and then bring

them back together

Raise your legs to 90 degrees

Lift your lower back off the ground as high as you can

Control your legs back down to starting position

Toe Touches

Lay on your back with leg straight up at 90 degrees

Left your upper back off the ground and touch your



Lay on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on

the ground

Cross your right ankle onto your left knee

Lock your fingers behind your neck

Raise you shoulders off the ground

Rotate your upper body and bring your left elbow to

your right knee



Super Men and Super Women

Lay on your stomach

Raise your legs off the ground so only your hips are


Raise your chest of the ground as high as you can

Keep your hands together above your head


Start on your stomach

Push up to balance on your elbows and toes

Keep your back straight

Reverse Thinkers

Start on your back

Bring your arms in tight on your side and bend them

to 90 degree

Push up on your forearms and heels

Raise you hips as high as you can


Start on your hands and knees

Lift your right arm and left leg straight out

Balance on our left palm and right knee

Hold for 15 seconds before switching back and forth


Start in a full push up position

Raise your right arm and left leg without raising your hip

Hold for 15 seconds before switching



Push Ups

Start on your hands and toes

Maintain a straight back with your head up

Bend your elbows to 90 degrees

Vary your hand position between each set

The wider your hands - more chest

The narrower your hands - more triceps

Shoulder Stabilizers

Start in a wide push up position

Alternate lifting one hand across to touch the other hand

Push Up Stretch

Push up and rotate your body to the left

Raise your right arm up until your palm in facing the sky

Do a push up between rotating to each side


Start on your stomach with your arms straight out to the sides

Bring your hands in about 3 inches (more if you are a beginner)

Push your body up and balance on your toes and palms

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Genai Kerr Retires

Of his Olympic experience, Kerr says, "It had been a long time goal of mine to go to the Olympics. I remember walking into the Athletes Village in the birth place of the Olympics and realizing how much of a bigger deal it was than I had ever imagined. I was among the very best athletes in the entire world and I was representing the USA. Knowing that we had prepared for years gave me an even greater sense of pride". Throughout his long career, Kerr made time to become a mentor. He coached developing athletes at every level from elementary school students to college student athletes. Kerr was also a founding faculty member at Sage Hill school in Newport Beach, CA where he flourished as an educator.